The Arxiu Alicia de Larrocha [Alicia de Larrocha Archive] is the maximum representation of the personal life and professional career of the performer, with an extraordinarily rich and varied collection of documents that covers more than seventy-five years of intense musical activity.

Alicia de Larrocha spent most of her life travelling all over the world in order to give concerts and recitals. This constant moving from one place to another would have made it difficult to gather the documents and keep them in one place had it no been for the efforts of a number of relatives and close friends. During her childhood, this task was undertaken by her immediate family; later on, Joan Torra, a pianist himself and Alicia de Larrocha’s forward-looking husband, took over as her tireless and zealous archivist, often against his wife’s own will. Alicia de Larrocha’s professional coming and going was made up for by Joan Torra's stability, as he saw to it that the documents were collected and kept together, thus contributing to the conservation of a genuine musical heritage.

The main objectives of the Arxiu Alicia de Larrocha are the preservation, conservation and diffusion of the performer’s intellectual and artistic activity. To this end, the heirs have approached the study and analysis of the documentary collection with an emphasis on the unique and irreplaceable value of the collection so as to encourage the research that such an important figure as Alicia de Larrocha deserves. As a result, we now have a valuable corpus of primary documents which are indispensable for musicological research.

Finally, we would like to underline that this task is being carried out without any kind of institutional or academic subsidies or help, either public or private.

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